98 Grandview Avenue Danville, Vermont 05828, United States
Grandview Apartments

A Great Place for Mom and Dad Right in Danville, Vermont.







(revised 05/17/2018)

Grandview Apartments comprise a group of ten individual apartments under a single roof in Danville Village.  They are managed by a volunteer board.  Danville Senior Citizens Housing, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit corporation that was formed in 1965 to promote the welfare of Senior Citizens sixty-two years of age or over from rural areas.  We started out as a project of the men’s group from the Danville Congregational Church.  Representatives of the other churches in Danville joined in and a mortgage was obtained from the Farmers’ Home Administration.  Thanks to countless volunteer hours contributed by corporation members, the sale of a parcel of land donated by Monsignor Fox, careful husbanding of resources, and reimbursement from a CVPS billing error, we were able to pay off the mortgage in 1989.  

In early days, due to our non-profit status and the low income of our tenants, the town property taxes were kept low.  However, starting in 1993 we have been paying the full rate of on our assessment.  

We strive to keep the rental fee low without threatening our financial viability.   The current rent is $500, payable at the first of each month to Danville Senior Citizen Housing, Inc, which includes electricity and heat.  Please make note on your check of any payments for extra charges (air conditioner, oxygen concentrator).  Rent checks should be mailed to Danville Senior Citizens Housing, PO Box 55, Danville, VT 05828-0055.  Alternatively, you may have your bank transfer the rent check monthly automatically.

The board maintains a list of prospective applicants for tenancy.  When a vacancy occurs, the board reviews the list and selects a new tenant from this list based on three equal criteria:  low income, seniority on the waiting list, and ties to Danville.  Applicants must be able to live independently.

Over the years certain guidelines have been developed by the residents and board as desirable for the overall best interest of the project.  Their effectiveness has depended upon acceptance by tenants as reasonable and proper and requiring a minimum of direction by management.


1. Requests for maintenance and repairs should be made to the Building Manager:  Jim Emmons can be contacted at (802) 249-1419, and you can leave a message if no one is at home.  

2. Pictures and other wall hangings should be mounted with care to avoid unnecessary damage to walls.  Mounting of heavy items and installation of decorative shelving will only be done with the approval of Jim Emmons, and under the supervision of Jim.  If in doubt, contact Jim Emmons. .

3. Installation of ceiling fans or air conditioners may only be done after approval of Jim Emmons, and under supervision of Jim for correct and safe installation.  Air conditioners must be removed from windows each fall by the beginning of the heating season, about September 30th.  Expense of installation and removal is a tenant responsibility.  We charge of fifteen dollars ($15) for each month the air conditioner is installed.

4. Some tenants may require oxygen.  While health insurance covers the cost of the equipment, the tenant is responsible for the cost of electricity for an oxygen concentrator.  We charge twenty-five dollars ($25) per month for this use.  (This is about half what the charge would be in a private home, since our one large account for the whole building's electricity cuts the marginal rate.  This rate may be adjusted by appeal to the board.) 

5. Care and cleaning of apartments is the responsibility of tenants, including care and cleaning of stoves, refrigerators, and installed carpeting.  Installed carpeting may be cleaned periodically on a rotating basis by outside professional cleaners as needed and scheduled by the Building Manager.

6.  We provide and maintain a washer-dryer unit in each apartment.  We strongly urge you to use cold water for the wash in most circumstances, as modern detergents work equally well in cold water.  Be sure to clean the lint trap of the dryer with every cycle to increase energy efficiency (and reduce fire risk).

7.  The building is wired for telephone and cable TV, the expense of which is the responsibility of tenants.  Modification of or addition to telephone, cable TV, or satellite TV wiring from what is currently in each apartment will be at the tenant’s expense.  Installation needs to be supervised by Mr. Emmons as well.

8. Trash pickup for the building is on Monday.  Trash should be bagged and sealed, and placed in the barrels in the central room before noon on Monday.  Trash removal services are for residents only.

9. In order to reduce the cost of trash removal, we encourage recycling.  Recycling bins are located in the central room.  Tenants are responsible for sorting recyclables:  paper (including magazines and junk mail), glass (all colors), plastic (all numbers, including yogurt containers and milk jugs), metal (steel and aluminum, as well as foil), and cardboard (including brown paper bags as well as corrugated and box-board).  All recyclables should be clean.  No Styrofoam (this needs to be trashed, even Styrofoam egg cartons).

10. During winter months movement of cars to allow snow plowing is the responsibility of car owners.  Jim Emmons arranges the snow plowing.  Generally the parking area will be clear by mid-morning.  If you know a day ahead that you need to get out early, please phone Jim the night before to make special arrangements for earlier plowing.


11. Please adjust your living habits to consider your adjacent and close neighbors in the building.

12. Whenever possible arrange your furniture so that TV sets,  radios, and audio players are not backed against the walls separating apartments.  This will help reduce sound transmission to your neighbors.

13. Please, no outdoor wind chimes!  Although their tinkling may be pleasant to your ears, they may be intrusive and annoying to others.


14. Each apartment is allotted storage space in a locked room in the basement.  Nothing may be stored outside this room.  Tenants should maintain their own renter’s property and liability insurance.  Belongings stored in the basement are not covered by the corporation’s insurance.  


15. Small pets, under 25 pounds, may be permitted to live with a tenant.  Tenants are responsible for notifying the corporation as to the presence of pets and for cleaning up after their pets.  A $300 security deposit shall be given at the time the tenant moves in, to take care of any damage caused by a pet.  The deposit will be refunded when the tenant or pet leaves the unit, provided there is no damage.


16. In the interests of health and safety, no smoking is permitted at the Grandview Apartments.  This restriction includes the areas outside the doorways as well.


17. Living habits and relationships at Grandview Apartments have evolved and been defined in large part by residents themselves over the years.  They have realized and accepted that certain modifications in former living habits and procedures may become necessary when ten or more elderly persons are living in close proximity to each other.  In turn, management has tried to be accommodating when some friction has arisen.  By and large, however, there has consistently been a high degree of satisfaction expressed by residents for the manner in which this senior housing project has been operated and maintained.

Also, please keep in mind the low monthly rent for all services and utilities including heat, light, water, sewer, trash collection, grounds maintenance, snow plowing, excluding only telephone and TV, and special electricity costs.  Each resident is responsible for conserving electricity and hot water.  This very low rent has been made and continues to be made possible by the countless hours of time and labor volunteered by members of the corporation and other community members, past and present.